Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Leadership (Generic) | NLP Career Benefits

Developing and Clearly Communicating a Vision
  1. Using the timeline and outcomes approach to develop to communicate their sensory and motivating vision
  2. Understanding and communication their own values and the company values that will lead to success
  3. Understanding and using the audiences preferences to communicate empowering messages
  4. Understanding and using logic, emotion and stories in their communication
  5. Living as a role model for the organisations vision and values

Developing and clearly communicating key tactical imperatives
  1. Using effective decision making approaches with regard to important and urgent and short and long term decisions
  2. Using perceptual positions to understand the impact of key decisions to develop and refine them as necessary
  3. Clearly communicating necessary actions
Releasing Potential
  1. Creating an environment that encourages motivation by letting people speak their minds and wherever possible possible
  2. Soliciting different opinions and encouraging others ideas
  3. Treating people with respect
  4. Developing a learning organisation balancing the need for internal development and external learning
  5. Making and communicating difficult decisions when necessary

Influencing key internal and external stakeholders
  1. Accessing a 'listening state' to understand the needs and values of key stakeholders
  2. Using 'sleight of mouth' approaches to be able to argue their point of view strongly when required
  3. Developing rapport skills to build and break rapport as appropriate

Achieving Results
  1. Establishing appropriate qualitative and quantatative feedback mechanisms
  2. Making and communicating effective decisions when necessary
  3. Empowering others when possible